TST Undercoating Products

Silent Rider Undercoating

  • A permanent resilient finish that protects the underbody
  • A barrier against gravel, road debris, and stones
  • A strong resistance to rust, moisture, salt, and dirt pockets
  • A reduction of road noise for a quieter, more pleasant ride
  • A better appearance for the life of your new vehicle
  • A fully transferable warranty to add to resale value

TST Rust Remedy

  • A solid warranty backed by the highest insurance rating in the world.
  • A deep penetration into 18 places, covering more than 127 square feet of your vehicle.
  • Formulated by the same personnel that developed cleaning and coating systems for NASA
  • Meets or exceeds SAE Standards, will NOT void factory warranty
  • No annual inspection

TST 5000 with PTFE

  • Professionally applied paint protection that's guaranteed to last up to 5 years - No inspections or costly reapplications
  • Simply washing your car is all that's needed to maintain a sparkling finish
  • It's your paint's best defense against damage caused by weather and industrial pollution
  • Saves you time and money
  • Helps you to retain the value of your investment
  • Ideal for leased vehicles

Tough Screen Fabric Protection

  • Tough Screen shields fabrics from oil, grease, dirt and food stains
  • Simple soap and water cleanup
  • Liquids simply "bead up," and oil and grease can be wiped away with ease
  • Dirt lifts off with a vacuum, leaving no residue behind
  • Five year insured warranty on new vehicles, three year warranty on used
  • Tough Screen not only keeps your interior looking terrific, but can actually increase the life of carpets and fabrics in high wear conditions