Fuel your next off-road adventure with the new Ram 1500 Rebel for sale at St. Mary's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT

The Ram 1500 has always been seen as a pickup truck purpose-built for work. And while that's true, this capable light-duty pickup is no "one-trick pony" like some of its competitors. In fact, as capable as the Ram 1500 is as a work truck, it's just as ready to have fun as you are. And we think you'll find that with its available Ram 1500 Rebel trim, this pickup truck positively comes alive when you take it off the pavement.


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Fuel your summer adventures during our Jeep Wrangler Model Clearance Event

Well folks, as the summer months draw to a close, you've probably got a lot left on you summer adventure wish list. And whether its hiking in Bendigo State Park or finally taking that trip to the shore with friends that you've been planning all summer, you may just find that your current car simply can't keep up with everything you're looking to do. Fortunately, if you're looking to make the switch to an SUV that's adventurous as you are, the best time to do so is right now during our Jeep Wrangler Model…

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We're the Premier St. Marys Jeep Dealer

At St. Marys Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, we're understandably proud of the fact that our customers come from far and wide to shop our selection of Jeep vehicles. Not only are we dedicated to providing the area's most-comprehensive selection of new and used Jeep models, but we also take great care to provide the top-notch service that our friends and neighbors deserve -- from the showroom floor to the service bay.

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Take a Closer Look at the Exterior of a 2018 Jeep Renegade

Why conform to society’s rules of what a subcompact SUV should be when you could experience something different with the 2018 Jeep Renegade?

This vehicle has the necessary capabilities and smart technologies onboard required for a satisfactory driving experience, but the bold and rugged exterior is where the real gems are. Imagine the factory-installed fog lamps that can peer through heavy fog, falling snow, or heavy rains, so there are no visual limitations when the weather is rough. On the flip side, the good weather can become a bit annoying when the sun is shining on your face on…

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The Luxury of the Chrysler 300's Interior

You have had your eye on getting a full-size sedan for a long time. What you want more than anything is comfort. The Chrysler 300 is a full-size vehicle that can meet your comfort needs and more. Here's why.

Not one inch of the seating in the Chrysler 300 is overlooked. This is comfort to the extreme. As a Chrysler buyer, you have more than 14 different interiors from which you can choose to customize your car. You can choose from standard cloth seats as well as premium leather seating that will give you and your passengers the ultimate…

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Mopar: 80 Years of Innovation and Customer Care

MOPAR began in 1937 in Highland Park, Michigan as the brand name of the antifreeze used in the Chrysler vehicles. In the decades that MOPAR has been working in the automotive industry, they have added many innovations to assist their customers. Recently, smartphone technology like apps that read vehicle information and convenient wireless charging inside the vehicle.

Today, MOPAR has grown well beyond its humble antifreeze solution and now includes parts and service in over 150 markets. MOPAR Express Lane service was created in 2008. 

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Jeep Compass Interior

The new 2018 Jeep Compass is as rugged and tough as previous years' models have been. This is a fantastic vehicle that can be used to tow extra weight, it can be used for off-roading but it is also a great family vehicle. There are so many great interior features that set this vehicle apart from its competitors.

A large, seven-inch driver information screen helps you control just about everything in your vehicle including your sound system, your exterior cameras and GPS. 

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Top Safety Tips for Roadside Emergencies

Flat tires, stalled engines, or failing transmissions are all examples of problems that could leave you exposed on a busy highway. To reduce your danger, always be prepared with an emergency kit.

An emergency kit in the trunk should include tools, a flashlight, can of fix-a-flat, flares, or orange triangles or cones. Position the flares or cones to direct other drivers away from your breakdown. 

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Towing Changes Vehicle Handling

Driving with a heavy load in tow changes the handling of your vehicle. Sudden movements can cause your load to sway and makes it difficult to control the vehicle. Hauling a heavy load also increases your braking distance. However, careful preparation can help reduce some of these effects.

One of the most important considerations is making certain that the tires on your trailer and your vehicle are properly inflated.

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A Flat Tire is Inconvenient but Knowing the Type of Spare Helps

Are you aware of the difference between the types of spare tires manufacturers use for vehicles? Some vehicles have a full-size spare tire while others will have a compact spare tire.

A compact spare tire, also known as a “donut” is very lightweight and does not take up a lot of room in your vehicle. 

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