Mopar: 80 Years of Innovation and Customer Care

MOPAR began in 1937 in Highland Park, Michigan as the brand name of the antifreeze used in the Chrysler vehicles. In the decades that MOPAR has been working in the automotive industry, they have added many innovations to assist their customers. Recently, smartphone technology like apps that read vehicle information and convenient wireless charging inside the vehicle.

Today, MOPAR has grown well beyond its humble antifreeze solution and now includes parts and service in over 150 markets. MOPAR Express Lane service was created in 2008. These customer friendly shops offered fast oil changes at the dealership and operate in the US and internationally.

MOPAR will be celebrating all year long by offering 80th anniversary-themed accessories, special parts, service and customer offers.

Here at St. Marys Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT located in Kersey, PA, we look forward to our continued partnership with MOPAR parts and a future filled with more quality items, innovative services, and outstanding customer care.

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