The Differences Between AWD and 4WD Are Subtle, But They Are There

The differences between All-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive can sometimes be confusing, but they are distinct. While similar, they are two completely different systems that have their own unique advantages to them.

Four-wheel drive is what most people are familiar with. This system operates with two differentials and a transfer case to distribute power to all four wheels when engaged. One of the benefits of this setup is the control that the driver has over it. It can be operated in 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or 4WD low for those times when you need it geared down really low and have maximum traction. This system is typically found in trucks and SUV's.

All-wheel drive is in AWD mode all of the time. Systems like this have a front, center, and rear differential that employs electronic monitoring of the traction at each wheel. When slippage is detected, it will reroute power accordingly to help keep the vehicle on track. This is most common in cars and crossover vehicles.

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